Do You Know Mahjong Skills?

The mahjong to win, luck and skill, half and half. Although not correctly play mahjong and we must look at the Board development, but some of the principles and concepts should be established. The cards have a different approach.

A net of eight flower tiles, submarine card 16, each has been removed 16 tiles of 144 mahjong tiles, undersea remaining cards are only 56, the average person can only touching 14 cards. To get good cards, the card can play raw, causing the opponent to eat, touch the case, so make faster Mopai, and after eating to reduce the enemy the opportunity to touch. Get medium licensing, card type combination is not enough, you do not have to hurry to dismantle the brand or build the brand, to begin playing cooked to avoid the enemy’s home to eat, pong. However, if the deck is too much, the excess partial sheets must be removed. If the card did not stick, can draw with the purpose of Council flow Bureau, or the demand is not firing. As far as possible with playing cooked card, fastened under the cards, as well as the license of the Wang family

Scotia brand skills:In Mopai before first consider playing that card, do not consider Mopai after half a day usually before typing licensing, and then he missed Zhang, finally, the number of licenses. The beginning will have to play the number of the license, and even the demolition of a license to play, may this brand well to beware. Has been playing the card of a particular color, to beware of this person big. Has not been playing the card of a particular color, but also may be a problem, he may be in uniform or mixed color, do not arbitrarily throw that door card. If the draw phase and a home run fifty thousand and be careful of your forty thousand and six ninety thousand. The first demolition of a twenty, forty, or fifty thousand straight to experts brand, he was sixty thousand three very hungry.

Listen to licensing pattern: Hear a lot of doors: a series usually listen to several holes, for example, 2 345, listen to 7325 345 6, to listen to a 47. However, It should be noted that certain brands of Hu, which may destroy the license type (such as a dragon, Ping Hu ….)

  • Listen to monotonous: and a single card to scrape together a pair (the license)
  • Listen to the hole: For example, two forty thousand to listen to in the hole thirty thousand.
  • Listen to the side sheets: for example, seven or eight million, listening to ninety thousand.
  • Listen: left two sets of pairs, just to scrape together a pung, another group when the license, so listen to the two. Avoid home listening to the same card, to avoid as early as one to shout Hu.

Other Considerations: Do not fix in a certain order the license separate to avoid being seen to license type. Eat should also be appropriate to transform the location of the license pong. First, examine your hand, and easier to made a card to stay in the middle of the number of brands, it is easier to make up along the ride

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